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Hi there!

I’m Henrik

Servant leader with an agile mindset

About me

Agile coach based in CPH

Experienced agile practitioner with human centric focus

My passion is to create products with a curious mindset based on agile values and principles I embrace problems, ideas, discovery and delivery practices and techniques. I engage with and teach/mentor/coach agile teams and servant leaders on all levels.

I believe that creating values for the customers in combination with a strong focus on business outcome is the one major missing link in a lot of organisations – It is all about bringing value to customers in an effective and efficient proces while being iterative, and show trust towards the delivery teams to get the work done.


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Tribe Coach

Danske Bank

10/2021 – Present

  • Conduct Agile coaching in the Better Bank transformation initiative, to realise “Better ways of working”, i.e. implementing an Agile setup in Danske Bank.

    I am the leading coach (tribe coach) for a tribe/department of 75 people. Tribe leadership is shared between tribe lead IT-Lead and tribe coach, dividing the responsibility between what is delivered (lead) and how we work (coach) – together we combine business with tech, ensuring a focus in increasing value creation and faster time to market.

  • My role is a mix of teaching, mentoring, coaching and facilitating both on a group- but also individual level, to sqaud/teams members, Product Owners and Chapter leads(Line managers)

    I coach teams directly on how they work, culture, their mindset, their inclusiveness and respect for each other’s talents and differences, as well as all leadership roles in the tribe on embracing this approach.

    With a mix of experience, a strong agile mindset and deep believe in servant leadership I help the Financing Businesses tribe in their journey to grow into a more mature agile state.

  • Results

    ✓ 7 well performing squads all with a solid structure and agile fundation

    ✓ Implemented a fixed cadence for agile interactions between Product owners

    ✓ Implemented a fixed cadence for running leadership sessions

    ✓ Implemented a goal setting and dialogue platform with OKR ́s (Objective and Key results)

    ✓ Driving the quarterly strategy process with alignment towards business strategy

    ✓ Highest engagement score within the group.

    ✓ Introduced a business agility mindset focus.

    ✓ Participate in group wide activities in introducing agile ways of working.

Enterprise Agile Coach

Nuuday A/S (TDC)

01/2021 – 09/2022

  • As an Agile Coach in a full-blown Enterprise Agile transformation, that includes more than 4000 people, my role is all about bringing systems and people into a sustainable and productive flow and ensuring the stability of the transformation.

    Key elements:
    Customer focusTeam empowermentDataExperimentationTransparency

  • My role as an Agile Coach included:

    • Securing the understanding of an Agile mindset, based on 5 core principles with 13 squads (120 multicultural people)
    • Introducing and working with the OKR framework helping squads/teams focus on business outcomes and not outputs.
    • Acting as a facilitator / trainer with 13 squads helping them adopting Scrum and Kanban methods with FLOW metrics.
    • Working closely with 13 Products Owners helping them understand their role within an agile setup. (Valuestreams, prioritisation, backlog management, product visions)
    • Acting as an Agile coach with the Tribe- & Chapter leads (management) on how to be a servant leader and focus on business agility.
    • Participating heavily within own Agile community introducing and training other Agile Coaches (Kanban, FLOW)
    • Introducing MIRO – making remote facilitation / workshops / Collaborations a more professional way of working.

Head of online

Fullrate A/S

05/2015 – 01/2020

  • Fullrate was a self organising brand within the Nuuday family and a full service provider of broadband, mobile and Tv services. The brand got terminated after 15 years, due to change of strategy within the Nuuday group, thereby ending my position.

    Responsible for online sales performance, strategy and development as a leading stakeholder in Fullrates digital ambitions.

    Leading a highly competent team of experts in their fields running digital optimisation, campaigns and projects across departments

    Sales growth, analytics and stakeholder management as key work areas, besides developing the best possible team with a customer centric approach and growth mindset

  • As head of online I was responsible for:

    • Leading and developing a high performance agile team of 10 amazing people (Devs, UX/UI, webmaster)
    • P&L online sales channels with 250m Dkk. turnover.
    • Stakeholder management and reporting towards C-level.
    • Digital strategy and business development
    • Digital E2E customer ownership
    • Areas covered: Website – Self service – eCommerce – Content – external sales platform

E-commerce Manager

Nordic Sport

02/2014 – 09/2015

  • Nordic sport was started in 2006 and is today Denmark’s largest and only specialist shop in cross-country skiing and roller skiing. This is combined with a strong summer season, where we have Denmark’s largest retail store with more than 70 models of roller skates, as well as a strong assortment of scooters – trick, regular, transport and for adults.

    In recent years, the demand for roller skates has been increasing strongly, and with a professional team of employees, a good location and a well-functioning workshop, Nordic-sport has become a leading player in the Danish roller skate market.

    We are passionate about what we work with, we do not recommend and sell anything we cannot stand for ourselves, Nordic sport is not always the cheapest, but places great emphasis on quality, service and advice, which means that we often spend a long time ensure the right product for the individual customer.

    Nordic sport has a physical store at Østerfælled Torv 41, 2100 on Copenhagen Ø, here you can see and try all our products, as well as find the equipment that suits your needs, you can also pick up items purchased on the website.

Education & SKills

Roles I have occupied


Entreprenuer Co-founder


Head of Online


Agile Coach


E-commerce Manager


Product Owner

Licensenses & Certifications

  • Professionel Agile Leader (PAL-I)
  • LPI (Leadership Pipeline Institute)
  • SAFe 4.5 for Leaders
  • Flight Levels (Flow Design)
  • Kanban (System design & Improvements)
  • Agile Coach (Nuuday)

BA – Mulitimedia & Communication

2013 – 2015

VISUALIZATION // Multimedia Design, Concept Development, Video and audio, 3D, Aesthetics, Usability

COMMUNICATION // Media sociology, Communication Analysis and planning, Pedagogy

ORGANIZATION// Marketing, E-business, Project Management, Corporate culture and strategy

INTERACTION// Programming and Scripting (Xhtml, Flash Action scripting), Interaction Design, Database modelling


Henrik has always been a pleasure to work with.In a fast paced world, it is nice to still be able to work with people taking the time to really care and focus and never deliver an unqualified service or result. I can only give Henrik my best recommendations

— Jacob /Founder

The past year I have had the pleasure of having Henrik as my manager. During this time, I have been allowed to flourish professionally, as Henrik has not come to my work in a straitjacket, but instead has coached me to find my own way to the goal. In this way, Henrik has managed to motivate me to the extreme, keep me sharp, and has given me the best working day- every day.

— Sif /UX-designer

I have worked with Henrik from 2016 to the beginning of 2020, where Henrik has been a great help and sparring partner in fullrate.dk's content universe. He is always ready to help and always provides input on challenges. He always takes his time, which is often in short supply. He is really skilled in his field and is always ready to explore new ideas. Henrik is a really sharp and well-liked colleague who gets my best recommendation, and any company is lucky if Henrik is hired.

— Michael /Head of Support

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